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September 30, 2016 Visit My Website | Find me on:
Taking Action to Protect the Internet
   President Obama plans to cede U.S. oversight of the internet to an international organization composed of corporations and over 160 foreign countries, including Russia, China, and Iran. The president’s irrational proposal, scheduled to take effect on October 1, jeopardizes free speech online.
   This week, I cosigned a letter demanding the Department of Commerce reconsider their actions, cosponsored the House companion bill to Senator Cruz’s Protecting Internet Freedom Act, and voted against a continuing resolution that did not explicitly forbid this action. We cannot let this administration give away the intellectual property we created and make lasting changes that will go beyond this presidency.
    The Texas Attorney General has filed a lawsuit to halt the turn over.  More on that can be read here. The American people have spoken and President Obama needs to listen. We do not want to turn over control of one of the greatest American inventions. There is no benefit to allowing rouge nations and corporations to have a say over one of the greatest tools free speech and expression we have ever known.

President Obama's Veto Overridden
Congress voted override the President’s veto of S. 2040, the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act, sending a strong message to those who sponsor terrorist attacks on American soil. Terrorists, and those involved in terrorist activity, must answer to the victims and pay for the pain and devastation they caused. The President’s veto was wrong and Congress made sure he knew that.
    The victims of these horrific attacks have families that deserve the opportunity to seek justice against those responsible. With my vote, this law grants them the right to make their case. This law is about the freedom for these families to have their day in court and their voices heard.
Ways and Means investigates Medicare fraud
   The Ways and Means Committee held a hearing to discuss investigations of fraud within the Medicare program. Unfortunately, a specific case Dallas has raised plenty of concerns about the integrity of Medicare (more information available here).
   Fraud cases like this undermine a program seniors depend very heavily on. And because there is so much fraud in Medicare, seniors are not getting the reimbursement or the care they deserve. It is clear that constituents are frightened by the consequences.

   Congress must continue working to prevent health care fraud and ensure Medicare and other federal programs are serving patients in need and not lining the pockets of fraudulent health care providers.

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